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the characteristics and advantages of thermostatic soldering stations
Click:36866  时间:2019-06-07  Publisher:CXG Electronic

The soldering station is a hand tool commonly used in electronic soldering processes.The two workpieces are welded by heating the solder wire and melting it, Compared with ordinary soldering irons, Thermostatic soldering stations have the following advantages:


1、limitation small

The soldering tip has a pointed tip, a horseshoe-shaped head, a knife-shaped head, etc., and they have their own limitations in terms of use.

2、high efficiency

The efficiency of the Thermostatic soldering stations is relatively high, and the thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, which is much higher than the ordinary electric soldering iron.

3、Low energy consumption

After the Thermostatic soldering stations reaches the set temperature,it will not continue to heat up, which reduces the energy consumption. In other words,the same soldering effect but power consumption less.

4、temperature return quickly

The temperature of soldering station return quickly, which shortens the waiting time of the soldering operation and improves the working efficiency.

5、Consumables long life

The soldering station temperature can be controlled without increasing indefinitely, so the life of the soldering tip and the life of the heating core are long.

6、Strong security

The voltage of the soldering station handle is only 24 volts AC, which is a safe voltage, so there is generally no electric shock. And the soldering station has the function of removing static electricity, which can effectively avoid the damage of static electricity to components during soldering.

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